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Submitted by: Angela G. King

Artist's Project Description: In the few weeks after George Floyd was asphyxiated by a Minneapolis police officer, Sean Paraventi, an actor and theater-company principal, approached me about giving voice to the outrage against this murder as artists. I agreed to collaborate with him not only as a fellow playwright, but as the mother of a young African-American man. Shawntai Brown, another notable on the Detroit theater scene, came on board to join our endeavor. And from there, our creative triumvirate began to research, conduct interviews and cull actors to produce the work that we are submitting to the Breath Project Archive and 2020 virtual festival. 

Artist's Bio: With a journalism degree from Howard University, I spent nearly 20 years working for the likes of the New York Daily News, Detroit News, and USA Today before studying filmmaking at the Motion Picture Institute of Michigan, then performing at some of the most prestigious Detroit-area professional theaters, and appearing in commercials, TV shows, industrial videos and independent movies. The endeavor I'm most passionate about now is my nonprofit Detroit Playwrights' Lab.

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