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A Snippet, of these past few months.png

A Snippet, of these past few months 

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Submitted by: Catherine Palacios

Artist's Project Description: The idea originally stemmed from Sarah, Malyssa, and I (Cat). We were interested with our relationship with our bodies and the spaces that we are confined to during quarantine. We wondered:
1) How quarantine spaces differ between different types of individuals?
2) What roles and responsibilities did we take on within these past months that were either put on us, or expected from us?
3) when do we take a breath in all of this?
4) when do help others take a breath? 
5) How has time become this constant slowness yet when we finally look at our clocks its 9pm and the day is over? 
6) How can we convey that in a space that isn’t with a live audience?
7) How can we film a continuous shot of 8 mins and 46 seconds? 
We added two more fantastic individuals on board, Alyssa and Carolyn,  and we started planning ourselves in this house, with activities we all have been doing during our time in self isolation. As we all developed our own essence that represented different facets of a COVID-19 world, we named them- stress bakers/chefs making meals to provide some normalcy, purpose, and personal achievements, the workaholics trying to make it work in makeshift home offices, the self care individuals giving kindness and patience to themselves, essential workers who go out everyday and risk their health for others, and people who are consciously aware of time, and document any moments and feelings no matter what size, because every emotion feels so much heavier in the mundanity of living everyday in a space with nowhere to go.

Artist's Bio: We are a group of five from the University of Texas at Austin's Theatre and Dance department, alumni and current undergrads. Our goal is to create collaborative work in these given times, about our experiences and hardships, in hopes to reconnect with one another, as well as audiences online. 

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