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A Virtual Lesson for My Students

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Submitted by: Marissa Castanon-Hernandez

Artist's Project Description: Almost all of the piece was originally created for the purpose of reaching & engaging my theatre students. I was presenting a new lesson virtually (this occurred in April 2020, when our school shut down because of COVID 19), and the topic was Slam Poetry. I hoped that by modeling taking a chance on something new, my students would be inspired to do the same. My students face multiple challenges, more than we possibly know. The most important thing I do to reach them is build positive relationships, which includes letting them know I believe in their ability to achieve. I added additional sections to include events that transpired over the summer, one being the murder of Mr. George Floyd.

Artist's Bio: Marissa Castanon-Hernandez is a theatre artist and Culturally Responsive secondary public- school teacher in Texas. Marissa believes that all students deserve equitable educational opportunities and she supports anti-racist education policies. She believes that theatre is the best art form for students to gain skills they will need to thrive in the 21st Century. Through her teaching, she models how theatre can serve to educate, entertain and inspire positive change.  

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