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A year in tomorrow.png

A Year In Tomorrow

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Submitted by: Natashia Deneé

Artist's Project Description: This piece was born out of Natashia's frequent forays into Dungeons and Dragons worlds prior to and especially during this pandemic. The ability to escape into various worlds of fantasy can offer respite and also the ability to process the current situation. These worlds can also uncannily mirror our own. Environment was inspired by The Knife's opera album Tomorrow In A Year, which is also featured here. I do not own the rights to this music:
Intro - The Knife
Primordial (Below Heaven and Earth) - Nick Olman

Artist's Bio: Natashia is an interdisciplinary theatre artist and musician native to Detroit, MI. They enjoy works of Sci-Fi, Afrofuturism, Speculative Fiction and mask work of various kinds.

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