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Submitted by: Julius Rea & Kenny Scott

Artist's Project Description: As friends, colleagues and collaborators in the San Francisco Bay Area theater scene, Julius Rea and Kenny Scott met several times during quarantine for intensive dialogue and processing regarding sexuality, familial trauma / legacy and the Black male identity. Through sharing of personal histories and the personal issues with growing up while in the shadow of family values and white supremacy, the collaborators found value in a story about two Black men affirming each other. Filmed at Shotgun Studios in Berkeley, “ace.” showcases the first step of healing within Black communities: communal validation.
Written & Performed by Julius Rea & Kenny Scott
Directed by Julius Rea
Cinematography by Lorenzo Fernandez-Kopec (
Audio & editing by Marisa Gabriela Ramos

Artist's Bio: Oakland playwright Julius Rea is part of Crowded Fire Theatre’s 2020-21 Resilience and Development Lab and was a finalist for the 2019 Bay Area Playwrights Festival (Mercy). He co-founded a journalism theatre art collective, The Forum.
Bi-coastal performer Kenny Scott is a current company member of Oakland Theatre Project (Hamlet, Mother Courage) and a former member of Laney College Fusion Theatre Project. Recent credits include with Crowded Fire (Inked Baby) and Shotgun Players (The Claim).

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