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Submitted by: Salomón Maya

Artist's Project Description: I wrote this piece after constant reminders of not looking or sounding a certain way. Growing up in a city where I needed to look one way or sound another. I know that I live privileged that the color of my skin has allowed me to live a certain way. But the notion that the world has set up these false parameters of how people of color should look and sound. I wanted to write something for my son Jacob, so one day he can stand proud as a Mexican and a Jew. I wrote this in a couple days and produced it with a fellow artist named James P. Darvas (who directed the piece) and the amazing tech team at Onstage Playhouse in Chula Vista.

Artist's Bio: Salomón is an Emmy winning producer/writer as well as a local actor with past regional credits including: San Diego REP, La Jolla Playhouse, Diversionary Theatre, Onstage Playhouse and more. Salomón is also a local playwright who has produced work for Scripps Ranch and the Lipinsky Family San Diego Jewish Arts Festival. Salomón is currently a Creative Director for a local Spanish TV station and monthly columnist for L’Chaim San Diego Magazine.

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