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Submitted by: Lamaria Aminah

Artist's Project Description: This piece was originally created as part of the 2016 Curious New Voices summer intensive where Dee Covington and Josh Hartwell served as writing coaches and mentors. Actor Illasiea Gray has been with the piece from the very beginning and helped to shape the work. Anastasia Davidson joined the touring version of this show in 2018.  Original director donnie l. betts and actor Jessica Robblee were also instrumental in this piece. The author thanks the Black Lives Matter movement in Denver for inspiring this play.

Artist's Bio: Lamaria Aminah is a writer and activist. Black. was her first play. In addition to writing, Lamaira overcomes the daily challenges of living with epilepsy, is a softball player, and a talented musician playing flute, piano and saxophone. Lamaria recently participated in a medical mission trip to Ghana, and is currently traveling the world with her partner. She’s found a real home and purpose in writing for theatre and film.

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