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Breonna's Prayer

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Submitted by: Harvey

Artist's Project Description: I created Breonna's Prayer because I know how easily I could be in the shoes of Breonna Taylor. Black people live every day with the possibility of dying for absolutely no reason at all. I wanted to express this in a way that makes people feel how truly uncomfortable our lives are in this country. The incredibly intimate setting of an actual bedroom in a home, the small audience of 3, and the personal experience of speaking directly to the audience creates an environment that immerses the audience into a Black person's thoughts feelings and daily life. I wrote, directed, and performed the piece with help from my stage manager Taylor Boes and sound designer Benjamin Aurand. The piece was filmed by Phillip Walker II.

Artist's Bio: I'm Harvey! I'm a performing artist from Flint MI. I create live performances that bring theatre to unconventional locations. In 2019 I produced , directed, and stared in Passing Strange at Flint Local 432, a rock venue in Flint. This year, I launched my one woman show, Harvey's Cartoon Cabaret, and my podcast All Black Errthaang. My goal is to highlight black and brown people and show the world we can DO. IT. ALL!!

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