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An Archive.


To select, curate and archive work from multidisciplinary theater artists of color who are responding to our current moment in history, and to build relationships  between artists of color and producers of live theater in their city, state and/or region.  


Phase 1  Call for entries and presentation of selected works in a virtual festival.

Funds raised in connection with the virtual festival will be divided equally among the presenting artists. 


Phase 2  Works produced for live audiences, in association with Partner Theaters across the country (as social safety guidelines allow)


Phase 3  The Breath Project is utilized as a tool for activism and education, as an ongoing and living archive of this moment in history.

The Breath Project Partner Theaters

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Theater Partner for Youth Submissions

Palo Alto Children's Theatre


The Breath Project Presents 



Written and Performed by

Gamal ABDEL Chasten


Directed by marieke gaboury

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  • Submissions must be a recording of a live performance of original work, and must be 8 minutes and 46 seconds in length;

  • Submissions artists of color who reside in the United States (work submitted by artists under the age of 18 will be considered in a youth category);

  • Submissions must include a link to your video submission, artist bio and photo.

  • Deadline for submissions will be August 20th, 2020, 12:00 Pacific time.

Frequently Asked Questions


Q: Can submissions be collaborations among multiple artists?

A: Yes, but the lead artist applicant must be an artist of color, residing in the United States.

Q: Will written submissions be accepted?

A: No.  All submissions must be recorded as a live performance.


Q: Can submissions include previously written or produced works?

A: No. All submissions of work must be un-produced. 


Q: Can submissions include elements of music or dance?

A: Yes - but all submissions should be considered a live, theatrical performance.

Q: Are any resources available to me to help me record my piece?

A: The Breath Project Partner Theaters have agreed to make their stages available for recording, subject to both availability and CDC health guidelines being followed. Click through to the theater partner bios for contact information.

Q: Is there compensation for the artists that are selected?

A: All donations that are collected in connection with the virtual presentation will be divided equally among the presenting artists.

Jamal's Sample Video
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