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Submitted by: Dalyla McGee

Artist's Project Description: “JUST” was curated and co-produced in partnered collaboration between Zana and Dalyla. The piece stands to reflect the lived experiences of Black Americans whose breath is not considered valuable. Inspired by the life and death of Breonna Taylor, the artists curated a narrative that reflects the daily traumas and realities of Black women living in society that pushes the narrative of strength, immobility, and hostility, yet ignores the greater humanity in their pain and suffering. This piece is a tribute to Black Americans who courageously take each breath while the question remains: Will I be next?

Artist's Bio: Dalyla and Zana are Atlanta residents who first began creative collaboration as undergraduates in the Theater Department at Emory University. As Black women artists with varying forms of expressions, they meet at the common vital need to tell the stories that need to be told.

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