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United States of AMNESIA: Dare to Remember

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Submitted by: José Torres-Tama

Artist's Project Description:  "United States of AMNESIA: Dare to Remember" is a new solo in development, and it addresses the anti-immigrant hysteria that has gripped the country since the 9/11 tragedy when "blind nationalism" became the norm. Dressed in my "Swamp Brujo" green-face "alien" make up with top hat and black tuxedo jacket, I throw down some "verbalas / verbal bullets" in English and Spanglish to hold accountable the so-called "beacon of democracy" for its pimping of lies, and dare to remember the truths.

Artist's Bio: José Torres-Tama is a performance and visual artist, published poet, and playwright. His “Taco Truck Theater” ensemble received a prestigious MAPFUND grant. “Aliens, Immigrants & Other Evildoers” is his acclaimed solo that’s sold-out theaters in Houston, Minneapolis, and Los Angeles. From 2006 to 2011, he contributed post-Katrina commentaries that aired on NPR's “Latino USA. ”Northwestern University Press published the one-man play of “Aliens” in “Encuentro: New Latinx Performances" in 2019.

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