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Frequently Asked Questions 

Q: What is the purpose of the archive?

A: The archive is meant to give physical space to hold works that respond to this time in our history. It is meant to act as a living time capsule, a tool for teaching and advocacy.

Q: Can submissions be collaborations among multiple artists?

A: Yes, but the applicant must be an artist of color, residing in the United States.

Q: Will written submissions be accepted?

A: No.  All submissions must be recorded as a live performance. ("Performance" does not mean that the work has to be done on a stage or in a theatre.)

Q: Does the submitted work have to be directly related to the Black Lives Matter movement?

A: No - there are no requirements in terms of subject matter, but the work must have been written/created in the past year.

Q: Can submissions include previously produced works?

A: No. All submissions of work must be un-produced. 

Q: Can submissions include elements of music, dance or fine arts?

A: Yes - but all submissions should be considered a live, theatrical performance.

Q: How will works be selected?

A: For inclusion in the archive, works must simply meet the submission guidelines of The Breath Project, for as long as the open submission process is in place.  For inclusion in the 2021 Virtual Festival, all works submitted by August 31, 2021 that meet the guidelines will be reviewed by a diverse panel of artists of color, who will determine the selection of the pieces, and the number of works that will be presented.        

Q: Are any resources available to help me record my piece?

A: Breath Project Partner Theaters that have been able to re-open a venue have agreed to make their stages available for recording (subject to both availability and CDC health guidelines being followed.) Check the Who We Are page for more information from each theater.  If you are looking for a venue in your community, let us know, and we'll see if we can help!

Q: Is there compensation for the artists that are selected?

A:  While The Breath Project is not the producer of the 08:46 pieces, 100% of any funds raised in connection with the virtual festival will be given directly to the curating and presenting artists.  

Q: Will The Breath Project be the producer of my piece? Who owns it?  

A: The Breath Project is providing artists with a place to link their work that meets the criteria of the archive. The work that is presented will be shared, controlled and owned by the artist/s.


         Q: Why are some of the pieces that I am seeing in the archive not exactly 8-minutes-and-46 seconds?

         A: In some cases, there are credits after the 08:46 piece has ended, and this format is still eligible.  Also, sometimes,             sites like YouTube will vary the run time by +1/-1 second, and though we may reach out to the creator to make sure                 that it was uploaded at the correct run-time, we will accept these submissions when the change is not in the artist’s                 control.

Q: Can SAG/AFTRA artists participate in The Breath Project?

A: We are grateful to SAG/AFTRA for working with TBP to create a pathway for union members to participate in this project!  You can work under a union contract (with deferred/no up-front payments), and the contracts may be filled out and signed electronically. Note: Be sure to include THE BREATH PROJECT as a reference in the title of your work, so that your request can be processed quickly, and by the correct contract point person.  Here are the links relevant to the SAG/AFTRA contract/recording procedures:

The Short Project Agreement applies to those projects shooting entirely in the United States with a maximum total budget of $50,000 and a maximum total run time of 40 minutes. Note that this does not apply to episodic nor animated projects.  (Link:


DocuSign link to the actual Preliminary Information Form



Link to the joint unions’ safety guidelines: The Safe Way (Link:

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