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Submitted by: Gha'il Rhodes Benjamin

Artist's Project Description:I wrote this piece " GlobaLibations" as a tribute to the families and communities who have lost loved ones "permanently" in the turmoil of senseless violence taking place on the streets of America. The entire globe has joined forces with us....the silence is no longer quiet, and the children are crying and waiting for Momma or Daddy to come home.......When you are a mother, father , uncle, aunt, grandparent, co-worker, neighbor or a child who has lost one or both parents to police are scarred for life. The bruises on your heart, the gnawing pain in your soul does not go away . Even when the scabs fall off, the open sores are still visible. The empty chair at your dinner table is still empty. Even if it's removed, the space remains. The African Tradition of pouring libation in rememberance of the dead is honored here. "if you speak the names, or tell the stories of those who have passed on to the other side.....their spirits remain ALIVE".The families of the deceased are honored here, the fallen soldiers,both male and female, are honored here. "The whole world knows your name now, you will never ever be forgotten"......Gha'il Rhodes Benjamin

Artist's Bio: Gha 'il Rhodes Benjamin(sag-aftra) is a Grammy nominated Spoken-Word/performance-recording Artist, Audelco Award winning actress, Master Teaching Artist , Self-empowerment speaker and workshop facilitator .Author and speaker Les Brown says of Gha'il's CD Spiritual Eclipse/Sacred Moments on a String of words " She's authentic, she's talented, mesmerizing and a breath of fresh air. Gha'il's magic with words are life transforming and mind expanding"...Gha'il and the entire cast of Reunion in Bartersville (Black Spectrum Theatre)were featured in the 2019 Black Theatre Festival In Winston Salem, North Carolina . A poetic tribute (created by Gha' il ) for breast cancer survivors titled Tiddies ain't everything/for Sara the sunflower queen is featured in the Spring 2020 issue of African Voices Magazine (tribute to Ntozake Shange/Part 2).

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