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Submitted by: Jessica Gabrielle Thomas

Artist's Project Description:The 8:46 excerpt created/presented by Jessica Gabrielle is from an entire body of work that is approximately 35 minutes in its entirety. The piece is entitled Glow l Eternal. The lyric from Everglow by Coldplay is the initial impetus for creation of her piece. Jessica Gabrielle pulled on her emotion, journaling, and set improvisation to create a body of work that focuses on hope in the midst of inner grief and sadness from sudden loss. Jessica Gabrielle spent two months creating the concepts, developed motifs, musical selections, and costuming for Glow | Eternal. This piece was made in response to the overwhelming feeling(s) she has experienced from witnessing the traumatic loss of human life from the global pandemic as well as the unjust treatment/death of black, brown, and/or indigenous persons of color. It is her hope that the piece enlightens, inspires as well as uplifts others whilst watching. Special thank you to ArtLabJ (Joori Jung, founder) for providing the rehearsal space, theater space and lighting design.

Artist's Bio: Jessica G Thomas is a native of Detroit, MI. She obtains a M.F.A in Dance from New York University's Tisch School of the Arts. Thomas also received a B.F.A in Dance from Wright State University. At present, she is ballet mistress for The Foundation House, LLC. She is also part time professor of classical ballet at Wayne State University. Her recent work entitled "Glow | Eternal" was presented at ArtLabJ's Alone, Not Lonely event, where three female choreographers were chosen and given five hours of rehearsal time and theatrical opportunity to present their work to a live audience on Zoom (7/18-19/20) with questions and dialogue between audience and choreographer.

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