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How did we get here!

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Submitted by: Mabel Fleming 

Artist's Project Description:This is a look into the life of a black woman who know that her children will get the same life as her just cause she is black 

Artist's Bio:  Mabel Fleming ( Mayday Mayhaim ) is a west-side born native to Chicago Il. She is a proud mother of 4 girls. Mabel started improvising at the McKaw Theater on Jarvis in the fall of 2016. She has improvised with several different teams and continues to do so. Mabel has also done theater acting as being apart of the 10 min play festival where she played the role of " Mama " in " Mothers Day " written by Matt Baer. She also played as Ameila in a full length play " Its Ok to Say Goodbye" written by Jasmine Randle, both plays produced and shown at The McKaw Theater. Mabel has also done hosting an open mic night and stand -up show where she plays multiple characters called " Mayday Mayhaim, which appeared at The McKaw Theater. She continues to make people feel good with laughter and continues to pursue acting, stand-up and improv. She has her own podcast Mayday Mayhaim Podcast streamed on 7 different platforms! She has been in the Rhino fest and the yippie fest at the PROP THTR!

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