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I prayed for your first breath

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Submitted by: Mike Tucker

Artist's Project Description: The project was inspired by my wife Geri's original poetry, a piece she felt compelled to write shortly after the George Floyd murder by police. Her poem became the script and she and my son Christopher served as actors in this depiction of a mother's greatest fear. I produced and edited their performances, adding photos and additional videos to honor this feeling and the sanctity of black men and their breath.

Artist's Bio: Mike Tucker is a two-time winner of regional Emmy Awards for writing and producing. He is a former assistant professor of journalism at Howard University, has reported and edited for USA Today, and produced and written for WUSA-TV. He earned his master's degree from George Mason University and his bachelor's from Brooklyn College. His teleplays include "Eden's Choice" and "Running Out of Time." His stage plays include "Bought With a Price" and "Found in Space." 

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