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Iki suru.png

Iki suru

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Submitted by: Erica Chamblee

Artist's Project Description: I created this piece in response to the murders of George Floyd and Breona Taylor in the summer of 2020. I became aware of The Breath Project It was created with help from my son, Alexander, in Rock Creek Park in Washington, D.C.. Jessie Christian was the videographer.

Artist's Bio: Erica Chamblee is an actress and dancer based in Los Angeles. Regional theater/dance credits Include: 'Eureka Day' at Mosaic Theater Company of DC, 'The Royale' at Arizona Theater Company, 'Faerie' at Joe's Movement Emporium, and 'Cherokee' at a Woolly Mammoth Theater Company
TV/Film credits include: 'Lincoln', 'House of Cards', 'Spit,' 'The Wire' and 'Jazz in the Diamond District'

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