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Inhala Exhala 

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Submitted by: El Colectivo de Dramaturgos de Puerto Rico

Artist's Project Description: After being referred by fellow member, Yetta Gottesman, Tere Martínez and Brigitte Viellieu-Davis, two members of The Playwright Collective of Puerto Rico, met with the organizers of The Breath Project with the idea of creating one piece from their group of playwrights. The Breath Project connected the collective with Herbert Siguenza, actor/director and Playwright-in-Residence at San Diego Rep. After meeting with Herbert, it was decided that each writer from the collective would craft and contribute 100 words, which Herbert curated into a seamless, single work. The collective then performed and recorded the piece on Zoom. Inhala Exhala is written and performed by El Colectivo de Dramaturgos de Puerto Rico, and directed and edited by Herbert Siguenza. The members of El Colectivo de Dramaturgos de Puerto Rico are: Sylvia Bofill, Kisha Tikina Burgos, Myrna Casas, Jorge González, Yetta Gottesman, Tere Martínez, Pedro Rodiz, Gil René Rodríguez, Brigitte Viellieu-Davis, and Aravind Enrique Adyanthaya (ausente).

Artist's Bio: El Colectivo de Dramaturgos de Puerto Rico is a group of playwrights living in Puerto Rico who have united to share resources and build community with their audience. The collective aims to raise visibility of the theatre in Puerto Rico and to create new opportunities by joining their voices and collaborating with other artists across disciplines worldwide.

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