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Maerda Evah I excerpt from American Safa

“Maerda Evah I” excerpt from American Safari

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Submitted by: Nick M Daniels


Artist's Project Description: "American Safari" is a voyeuristic journey as to what it was, is, and shall be to be a Black/ African American identifying male in America. Beginning as a retrospective of the civil rights movement, this work melds the voice of Martin Luther King Jr. and other civil rights leaders with a pulse-driven score and the view of the world through my camera lens. As I traverse through time and ideologies into the future and what that may manifest, I confront the systematic eradication and displacement of black males in our local community and abroad and force a conversation about it.

Artist's Bio: Considered to be a Pittsburgh pioneer in exploring race and sexual identity, Nick M. Daniels is the founding Artistic Director of the D.A.N.A. Movement Ensemble (Dancers Against Normal Actions) which he started in 1991. With over 30 years of dance and choreography experience, he has reemerged after a 20+year hiatus. Since returning in 2016 his choreographic style continuously has developed. His style is based on butoh, African, modern and contemporary styles based on pure raw emotion. His creativity often entices the use of self realized soundscapes and video imagery.

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