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Submitted by: Algiin Ford

Artist's Project Description: Based in the SF Bay Area, Algiin Ford has held many versatile acting roles throughout his 30+ year career - participating in film, theater, and commercial work. In recent years, Algiin has more deeply explored his African-American and Native ancestry through his work - such as in roles in TV series’ “Underground” and “Queen Sugar.” Algiin now creates writing and performance work exploring his lineage and his own experiences as a Black man in America.

Artist's Bio: The submission piece was written shortly following the death of George Floyd, during which time Algiin was in deep reflection about his own experiences both with the police and as a black man in general. Many people in his life began reaching out to him to ask for his perspective and reflection on the matter, which compelled him to write this current piece. The filming and editing of the piece was done in collaboration with his son, Algiin Ford Jr., an artist in his own right as well.

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