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Never Looked Back

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Submitted by: Eureka Lewis

Artist's Project Description: I wrote "Never Looked Back", & Linden Anderson is the actor performing it.  It's a monologue about a man who stepped up to protect a teenager being racially profiled by police.  His decision to help the young man, cost him his freedom.  

Artist's Bio: Eureka Lewis (Writer/Director), resides in New York, but is a native of Detroit, MI.  For as long as she can remember, she's loved writing & performing. She's written & directed numerous plays, including (but not limited to) "Sorry If I Let You Down", "Aunt Salley's Remains", "Finally Made It", "Too Far To The Left", "The Jagged Rose" & "What They'll Remember" (receiving rave reviews in The Huffington Post & Broadway World, for it's 10-week run).  She was recently selected twice (amongst hundreds of entries) as a featured writer for Billie Holiday Theatre's 50IN50 writers showcase.  Eureka feels the stage should be utilized to entertain AND inform.  

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