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Obituary For 2020

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Submitted by: Daphne Austin

Artist's Project Description: Daphne conceived this piece from observing the events of the 2020 Pandemic which have been overwhelming and tragic for many. Recognizing that we are living in historic times and seeing a need to document how COVID-19 and other events this year has impacted the country, Daphne heard many people say they could not wait for 2020 to end long before it was over. Hence, there was only one thing left do, but funeralize '2020' with hopes of a better tomorrow.
Other artist involved in this production were: Mr. David Minniefeld, Actor & Director who helped develop the concept of the funeral for '2020", Mr. Charles Timbers, Mr. Ovis Mangum, Mr. Davon Vereen, Miss Journey Thomas and Miss Francesca Rose.

Artist's Bio:Daphne resides in Pittsburgh, Pa and started writing plays for the youth in her church school and created the Drama Ministry program. She is employed as a medical social worker in a hospital setting. Daphne has used her playwriting as edu-dramas to educate the community about healthcare issues, cultural awareness, and concerns affecting the community. Daphne is the 2016 winner of the Pittsburgh Playwright's Black & White Festival.

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