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Submitted by: Alumni Theater Company

Artist's Project Description: Perspectives - Breonna Taylor's murder is a key example of Black Women being the "most disrespected, unprotected, and neglected" people in America. Thousands of people are demanding justice for Breonna and yet there has yet to be any. four members of the ATC Teen Ensemble; Aidan Nicholas(Brother), Katherine Bruce(Breonna), Shakyna Goplin(Mother/Tamika), and Antonio Allen(Boyfriend/Kenneth), wrote heart wrenching pieces exploring the pain & confusion that Breonna Taylor and those that were close to her may have felt the moments after her murder. Directed by Shakara Wright, together they explored the realities that many Black Americans are forced to face due to the police brutality.

Artist's Bio: Alumni Theater Company (ATC) is a driven ensemble that creates bold theatrical work that gives fresh voice to the experience of young Black artists and highlights their rich contribution to our community. ATC’s work presents the perspective of Black youth to both its members and its audience, building an increasingly growing and diverse community of support for both the performers and their ideas. ATC is in its twelfth season of operation and has presented more than 60 productions since its inception.

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