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Poem 8:46

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Submitted by: Desirae "The Silent Poet" Hosley

Artist's Project Description: Poem 8:46 is written and recited by The Silent Poet. 
The poem came to her in reflection of George Floyd calling out to his mother and the fear that rests in parents wanting to keep their children safe. Being a spoken word artist help her bring this piece to life by finding the many voices in this piece. From being a mother to being a child and a black life. 

Artist's Bio: Desirae “The Silent Poet” Hosley was born and raised in Cincinnati, Ohio. Known for being the quietest person on the scene, it’s astounding to see such a little lady with such a big voice that packs a powerful punch. She is a Spoken Word Artist, Motivational Speaker, and Community Organizer. 
As the world continues to shift, she has created a community called Social Therapy where young adults and adults come together to bridge the social gap in this new pandemic world through writing and storytelling. 

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