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RED is for the BLOOD of OUR HEARTS

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Submitted by: deCoy Gallerina

Artist's Project Description: This is a piece written solely by Elliott Young as a way to examine the disturbing normalcy of a society that attacks a people whom it often depends on for its cultural richness, and how those affected by the attack maintain their strength and dignity because of the bottom line its country won't accept; not taking crumbs out of gratitude for being conditionally free.

Artist's Bio: Elliott Young is an actor currently based in the Midwest area who has constantly been expanding his resume in theatre and film. His recent appearances having included the feature film "5 Hours to Georgia" for Loving Life Productions, which recently won best picture at the Circle City Film Festival, and on stage in "Blues for an Alabama Aky" for the Falcon Theater. He wishes to thank the makers of this project for providing an opportunity for him to contribute.

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