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South End Chorus

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Submitted by: Camille

Artist's Project Description: "This piece was created out of two feelings. First and foremost love. My love for Black women and my deep desire to make sure they are honored and given their roses while there is still time. This love led me to Breonna Taylor and thus my second feeling of curiosity. Who were her neighbors? What might the people in her South End community have done after her death?" I wanted to create a piece that wasn't only about the horror of her murder about also about the spirit of her community and her life. This show was conceived and written by me. 

Artist's Bio: Camille Thomas (She/her) is a half first gen Jamarican (Jamaican- American) creative from Detroit, MI She received her bachelors in Arts and Humanities and her BFA in Theatre from Michigan State University.  Her work primarily focuses on the experiences of growing up as a Black girl in America with all the complexities that come along with it. Most recent credits include Who's There, an international collaboration, at the New Ohio Theatre and her one woman show,  yOU CaN TAke ouT a PArEnT pLUS lOaN, which is being developed by the Women's Theatre Festival in North Carolina.

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