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Submitted by: Kai "Kaimtetu" Winborne

Artist's Project Description: Stature is a series of creative writing pieces formatted into the theatrical style of a monologue. Written and performed by Kai "Kaimtetu" Winborne, this is a piece that both widely addresses and personally contextualizes the the constant flow of social media headlines and black obituaries. In connection with the Alabama Shakespeare Festival, this piece is a response to the search for creative works from Alabama State University Performing Arts students transitioning into or back to college in the year 2020. It serves to challenge the idea of how well we really know each other in the modern age of teleschool, Twitter and TMZ. Kai has recently had one of his virtual poems: 'THE TEENTH TALE' (performed over the backing of Love Yourz by: J-Cole) published into the Freedom Fighters DC Youth Zine. Pieces of this poem and music can be found incorporated throughout the project. His hope is that this piece will also encourage new generations of black teens to make a habit of truly getting to know each other. Especially before tragedy strikes again.
(Music included: Love Yourz -J-cole)

Artist's Bio: Kai "Kaimtetu" Winborne is based in the Atlanta area, currently attending Alabama State University on the 5Strong Foundation scholarship and the ASU Theater Arts scholarship. He is a recent graduate of North Springs Charter Magnet School where he was an avid member of the International Thespian Society Troup #4389. He has has since performed in a North Springs Theatre virtual production entitled 'Stranded' which was uploaded to YouTube earlier this year.

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