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The Act of Ownership

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Submitted by: Bruce Lemon Jr.

Artist's Project Description: This isn't pretty. Nothing about this moment in time is.
Waking up to an endless stream of Black death while confined under a global pandemic, thousands of us have taken to the streets in protest. Risking infection, risking physical violence, risking arrests. At a recent #BLM protest, I had to text my family to let them know that we were standing on the freeway, stopping traffic, and that we might get arrested. At that moment I realized they were in that moment with me. Fearing for my safety. Hoping I make it home.
My heart, mind, and soul feel lost and chaotic. Battling a pandemic and systemic racism fueled depression. Polish and perfection don't fit the moment. The frame is crooked like Derek Chauvin's badge. The blue room to me feels oppressive, like a forced and unnatural order to calmness. A false security from an oppressive force. A force we must burn through.

Who's streets? Our streets!
What do we want?
When do we want it?
If we don't get it?


Artist's Bio: Bruce Lemon is a storyteller born and raised in Watts, CA. As a child, his father made him write stories and read them aloud in the hallway as punishment for lies and mischief. He’s still in trouble.
Host of 89.3 KPCC In-Person’s UnheardLA. Associate Artistic Director/Ensemble with Cornerstone Theater Company. Artistic Director of Watts Village. Company member of Illyrian Players and Collaborative Artists Bloc . Actor, writer, director, producer, creative collaborator.
Hobbies include: Holding a mirror up to America, rabble rousing, chasing dreams, working for the reimagining of his community, and listening to the kids.
Awards: 2016 Princess Grace.
2014 BroadwayWorld LA
2018 Sherwood Award Finalist
B.A.- Hampton University, P.AP. - The Juilliard School, M.F.A - New School for Drama

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