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The Southern Roots Call

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Submitted by: Brookes A Washington

Artist's Project Description: The project is birthed from my experience as a young southern black woman. I come from a small town that doesn't make it to the map unless you are looking for plantations to visit. I wanted to create a story creatively detailing the black experience from slavery into the now. Ultimately this piece details the ins and outs of self-hatred, of strength, and the expression of tiredness I believe many black folks share within the community.

Artist's Bio: Brookes Washington is from Vacherie, Louisiana, and holds dual degrees in Microbiology and Creative Writing. Her southern- style writing has garnered many awards. Some of her talents range from writing, public speaking, acting, and singing. However, her main goal is to use her gifts to voice the underdogs' stories, the forgotten ones. She thanks God, family, & friends for their support in her journey.

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