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The Cycle

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Submitted by: The Char'Actors

Artist's Project Description: We saw the project on social media and immediately wanted to be a part of an artistic movement that's greater than us. With so much police brutality going on, our job as artists is to find ways to elevate our community & be a voice for the unspoken. We challenged ourselves to push the envelope by creating an ensemble piece featuring the following members of our company (in order of appearance):
Camaryn Kimball, Curr'esha Beatty, William Strong, Brandee Adams, Erin Sanderson, Aria Moody, Malachi Lee, Katja Stewart, Carol Towns, Shakia Dixon, Nefertiti Warren, and Eugene Martin.
This piece was written by Nefertiti Warren, Malachi Lee, Aria Moody and Camaryn Kimball, and was directed by Shiek Mahmud-Bey.

Artist's Bio: The Char'Actors is a company of artists committed to the craft of acting and each other. We strive to build a strong group of artists who will be recognized as creatives who soar in this industry. Our mission is to leave an impactful mark on the world by writing, producing, and creating our own work in television, film and stage. We aim to share thought provoking content, with authenticity and love.

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