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Waiting for Death

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Submitted by: James Brunt

Artist's Project Description: This was an original Slam poem written and performed by me in an immersive style engulfed in 3 locations to perform the poem at. Since we are in an pandemic and most spots were closed we used the world to our advantage. Trying to show what it feels like to be lost in the world as a black man but mostly as me. Daniel Sharkey helped film my piece for me and we put together this performance for it.

Artist's Bio: James Brunt is an actor born and raised in Denver, Colorado most known for pushing the boundaries of what we know about theater with immersive productions in obscure settings and hard hitting concepts that make his audience truly reflect on their views of the world. Playing roles from a cleaver wielding beet butcher, to a zany detective on the hunt for answers, he loves to create anything that will make his heart beat faster and blood boil up. He recently received the 2019 True West award for breakout actors for his challenging portrayal of taxi driver, Bobby, in Mosque with The Black Actors Guild. Other works recognized were his productions with The Band of Toughs and Control Group Productions. When Brunt isn't taking the stage, he still finds ways to enlighten his audiences by performing original slam poetry or creating magical moments as the beloved Santa Claus. He is also an educator of the arts, teaching improv to the youth of Denver with the Black Actors Guild.

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