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With All Due Disrespect

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Submitted by: Jada J Williams

Artist's Project Description: Gabi and I came up with the idea that we wanted this piece to be something personal that expressed what some of us might go through, dealing with racism and discrimination. We also decided to better explain to our audience where we personally were coming from with this form of expression. Gabi was actually the one who told me about The Breath Project and I was excited to do it. As people of color we finally had a chance to use our voices without the overlap of others always drowning ours out. 

Artist's Bio: Jada Williams and Gabriela Lopez-Ruiz are third year students majoring in Theatre  at Loyola University New Orleans. Gabriela is an aspiring Stage Manager, Playwright and actress and Jada is an aspiring Playwright, actress, and activist, among other things. "By sharing these experiences, we hope to to contribute our voices to our communities and be the representation we didn't always have."

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