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Through art, action and advocacy, The Breath Project (TBP) seeks to build a more equitable theater community in this country, and actively dismantle structural racism in the American Theater. 


Art:  In partnership with organizations and artists across the nation, TBP will create, develop and support original theatrical works, created by BIPOC artists.  The work that is housed by TBP will be used as a tool for education and advocacy, as a living time capsule of this moment in history. 


Action:  TBP is working to build relationships between local artists and theaters in their community and region, creating more opportunities for BIPOC theater artists, technicians and administrators throughout the country.  Working across our national partnerships, we will seek to end the notion that plays by BIPOC artists fulfill a quota or check a box for a theater, and instead become an organic and permanent part of the American Theater landscape.  


Advocacy:  TBP will work to support the organizations that produce, fund and support the American Theater to eliminate the racism and biases that exist in our institutions and business practices. 





The Breath Project 




Written & Performed by

Gamal ABDEL Chasten


Directed by

marieke gaboury

Notice to Viewers:  This performance is intended to be viewed by mature audiences, and contains language that some viewers will find upsetting.




  • Submissions must be a recording of a live performance of original work, and must be 8 minutes and 46 seconds in length;

  • Submissions will be accepted from artists of color who reside in the United States (work submitted by artists under the age of 18 will be considered in a youth category);

  • Submissions must include a link to your video submission, artist bio and photo.

  • The deadline for consideration for the 2020 Virtual Festival has passed, but the archive submission process is currently open-ended (no deadline).

  • We strongly recommend that you read the Frequently Asked Questions, and check the list of Partner Theaters to see which theaters are able to offer space and other resources.