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Submitted by: G.K. Jayaram

Artist's Project Description: In 2016 I wrote a full-length play titled “The Costume Party”. Set on the evening of 2016 elections the  play is about clash of identities – racial, ethnic, generational, National, gender – and ends tragically in Police and vigilante violence. Two characters from this play, Clarence and Bobby are in the present monologue, “Let Freedom Ring – Now”.   The four years have brought the country to its heels, and Clarences’ awakening is complete. There is no history as yet to this monologue since I wrote it very recently.

Artist's Bio: I have four decades of international professional experience. I worked as President for a Consulting firm – Princeton Center for Organizational Excellence - in the US for 20 years. I was the first Chairman of Infosys Technologies and Co-Founded Transformation Systems Inc (Transys) – a software firm in Princeton, New Jersey. I won the Monologue Festival, Montclair college of fine Arts, Madison, WI, 2020, “The Choice” – a full-length play shortlisted for the Sultan Padamsee Award, Bombay, 2018. 

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